Why combine loans?

Especially now that the Finnish loan and financial markets are filled with new companies, it is worth keeping in mind that there is a choice. The first option that appears to be inexpensive may not be the best one. Indeed, loan comparisons are very important in terms of loan terms and costs as there are large differences between the options.

Combine the loans

Combine the loans

According to the latest law, the annual interest rate for a credit or instant loan of less than EUR 2,000 may not exceed 50%. Considering the side costs of a loan, you may have to pay up to the maximum allowed by law. However, many companies offer cheaper rates and find the best rates by carefully comparing.

Many lenders advertise a completely interest-free loan. On the other hand, this may be true, but non-interest may have conditions that do not apply to everyone. It is possible that due to the non-interest rate the other costs of the credit may be high. In the end, the billing fee or withdrawal costs can increase the price significantly.

“Almost without exception, claims about free credit are too good to be true.”

"Almost without exception, claims about free credit are too good to be true."

Lenders are looking for profit and need cover for the product. There are many factors that influence the choice of a sensible loan and therefore you should compare your loans before making a decision.

“Almost without exception, claims about free credit are too good to be true,” says.

The best credit can be found only by knowing the options as well as getting the best answers using a comparison service. Using the service shows that comparing and sometimes even combining credit is really worthwhile. When you bid for loans with us, you are sure to get the best financing solution for combining the loans.

Combining loans or loans means asking for a loan quote that covers all your loans instead of repayments to multiple lenders. In this case, only one loan is paid off at a time.

So let’s take a new loan that covers all the old loans

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For customers, this has clear benefits; costs are reduced, loan management simplified, and monthly installments often reduced.

In our comparison, we use the example of a person with three separate loans, from whom he pays monthly installments. Monthly repayments of these three loans total EUR 343.56.

The total cost will be significantly reduced by choosing one of the loan combination options provided.

There is always more than one opportunity, so you should always make a comparison. The comparison does not take into account the side costs of the loans, such as loan management fees, default fees and extra withdrawals. It is advisable for the consumer to find out these before choosing a loan.

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