Subscribe a credit on line from your smartphone

A neo-bank and a start-up specializing in online consumer credit joined forces to offer loan subscription in minutes and without an appointment.

A neo-bank and a start-up <a href=specializing in online consumer credit joined forces to offer loan subscription in minutes and without an appointment.” />

Consumer credit in express mode

Consumer credit in express mode

Fintechs continue to shake up the banking market. To seduce the connected users, these start-ups of the Financial Technology do not hesitate to break the tariffs of the banking services and even offer free for some. This is particularly the case of a German new bank who offers travelers not to pay fees by using their debit card abroad. In addition, the user is free to block his card remotely but also to unlock and even change the secret code. These services exist in conventional banks but they remain, for the most part, paying.

The only drawbacks that still persist, such as the deposit of check or physical money. Having no network of physical agencies these operations are impossible. The use of an online bank is more appropriate for a second account. Connected banks from a traditional banking group can rely on the network of their parent company.

FinTech banks continue to innovate in order to capture a wider customer base. Until then, their services consisted of a credit card and an application for the management of an online account on a smartphone or computer.

A service for busy users

A service for busy users

Their offers have recently evolved with the arrival of consumer credit. For this, fine techs opted for an intelligent collaboration. Recently, a young online credit crush partnered with a New bank to offer its services. Thus, via their smartphone, neo-bank customers have the opportunity to subscribe a consumer credit. Without an appointment and in a few minutes, the procedure is done via a dedicated form on mobile. The identity of the customer does not need to be verified since this verification has already been done when opening the account.

The few questions asked to relate to the activity of the applicant, his type of contract, what other credits are in progress, etc. To justify its income, the application can consult the statements on the site of the bank where they are domiciled. A step that is not necessary if the salaries are already domiciled at the neo-bank. The borrowed capital for consumer credit can range from 1,000 to 40,000 euros. The proposed loans are depreciable so that the borrower knows from the outset what the total amount of financing will be.

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